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Recent Projects

Addressing challenges faced by Chatham Emergency Medical Services through an innovative solution, MedLife.

Transforming Ambulance Services in Chatham

We reimagined the prescription pharmacy pickup experience through AI-enabled messaging, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Innovation CVS Pharmacy Prescription Pickup Service

Created an inclusive professional networking and training platform connecting neurodiverse talent with supportive employers.

SPIN: Connecting Neurodiverse Talent

Utilizing a desktop walk-through model to simulate and analyze a customer's journey through Chick-fil-A's fast food service, identifying challenges and proposing improvements

Introduced donation stalls with categorized bins in communities to improve donation efficiency for staff and donors.

Streamlining Donations at Salvation Army

Providing sustainable water services to Gen Zs by offering recyclable steel bottles and water dispenser services to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Rapidly create and ideate a prototype of a NICU by exploring opportunities to reduce the mortality of newborn babies.

Previous Projects

A clinical-education platform providing real-time medical case studies for diagnosis, training, and evaluation through the platform.

Alternate Materials is a research collaboration exploring sustainable composite cement materials for producing environmentally-friendly flooring and wall tiles.

Sleeping pod for employees which enables them to focus better for long hours by taking a 23 mins Power Nap.

Portable Coffee Machine(consumer electronic product) that brews espresso coffee, comparable to other automated machines which the E - Cafe App operates.

A supportive device for Cerebral Palsy patients which
provides them with a grip to hold objects and aids muscle
tone variations.

Splint for Cerebral Palsy Patients

A mobile printer case designed to house a specific photo printer for photo booths, and enhanced mobility for photographers across various event venues.

Internship Project: Mobile  Printer Case

Seating furniture with different configurations for congested apartments in Mumbai.


UI/UX Projects

K.I.U is an app that avatars of pets to gently nudge users to reduce their screen non-intrusively to maintain the health of their digital pets.

K9 Interruption Unit(KIU) is app to reduce screen time
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