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Streamlining Donations

This is a project to improve Salvation Army’s services of donations on the
warehouses located in Savannah by introducing the a new channel to receive
donations more efficiently.

Group Members: Alice Huang, Sanath Desai, Shijun Li, Ruibing Jiang

My Contribution: Research, Ideation, 3D modeling, 3D rendering

September 2022 - November 2022


The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Salvation Army also follows the philosophy of helping meet human needs without  discrimination by providing them aid in the form of few services.

Salvation Army , Savannah, Ga

Thrift Store

Salvation Army runs thrift stores for the community with the help of donations. People from the community donate Clothes, furniture, and stationery items for good will which are then sold cheaper so that it is affordable prices for the poor communities.

Stakeholder's Map

Research Ecosystem map

Salvation Army runs thrift-stores for community with the help of donations. People from community donate Clothes, furniture and stationery items for good will which are then sold cheaper so that it is affordable prices for the poor communities.

Current Service Blueprint

The current service blueprint is created from the primary data that was gathered on the ground. This service blueprint reveals that the warehouse is the most common touch point for all the scenarios.

Current Service Blueprint .jpg

Pain points - Donator

  • Distance from Salvation army is too far.

  • The weight of the donations is too heavy.

  • No free time to donate (most d

  • donations are saved for weekends).

  • Salvation army is not the preferred thrift store for donations.

  • Salvation army’s items are a bit

  • expensive and not of good quality.

Pain points - Staff

  • Inefficient sorting process, too many different

  • Work would mostly pile up on weekends at
    noon (most people donate on weekends during their free time at noon).

  • The working environment in the warehouse is
    too cluttered and not clean enough.

  • The cost of disposing of leftover waste after
    sorting is too high.

Root Cause Analysis

The root cause analysis was conducted to find the main cause of the pain points gathered from the interviews and ethnographic observations.

Solution - Donation Stalls

Donation Stalls can be kept around the communities that donate the most to reduce the strain on warehouse workers. The donation stall collects donations segregated into different categories by guiding the donors.

Labelled Categories

Donation Box have labels to guide donators and allow them to donate as little as possible at any given time. Donation Stall has 6 categories to reduce the worker’s efforts.

Short , Pant, Jeans


Dress, Shirt

Scarf, Hat, Gloves, Tie

T-shirt, Shirt, Sweater

Coat, Suit, Jacket

Replaceable Bins

Once the Bins in the donation stall are full, they can be replaced by accessing the back door. This makes small donations possible too.

Easy Discovery

The locations and information on the Donation Boxes stalls are
available on google maps and on Salvation Army’s Website.

Easy Discovery

The Donation Stalls is a new service that the Salvation Army can adapt to work more efficiently. The stalls provide the staff and the donators with time.

New Service Blueprint.jpg
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