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Innovating CVS Prescription Pickup Pharmacy Service

We reimagined the prescription pharmacy pickup experience through AI-enabled messaging, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

My Contribution: Research, Ideation, Visual Design, Wire-framing & Prototyping

Group: Sanath Desai, Charmarlina Brazile, Tanvi Kokate, Tirath Puni

Sep - Nov 2023( 10 Weeks )


Image Source: CVS

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. is an American retail corporation. A subsidiary of CVS Health, it is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Project Summary

CVS Pharmacy Prescription Pickup

This Project aims to improve CVS Pharmacy's customer experience through an AI-powered conversational platform for medication refills/pickup via text messaging that provides a seamless, personalized refill process. The goal is to leverage AI, digital channels, and omnichannel integration to offer tailored healthcare solutions that meet diverse generational needs more effectively, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Indigo Desin Award


Gold Winner in Digital
Tools and Utilities


Honorable mention in Digital Design for Social Change


Silver Winner in UX, Interface & Navigation

Silver Winner in Mobile Interaction & Experience

Silver Winner in UX, Interface & Navigation

Silver Winner in Branding for Medicine


Bronze Winner in Apps

Bronze Winner in Mobile App

Bronze Winner in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology

Bronze Winner in Apps for Social Change

Bronze Winner in Branding for Technology

Indigo Design Award Winner 2024

Service Innovation for CVS Pharmacy Prescription Pickup

CVS Pharmacy Offerings

Mail Order

Prescription Savings

Specialty Farming


Prescription delivery


CVS Value Proposition Statement

"CVS provides personalized care and affordable medications at thousands of convenient locations to simplify and prioritize your health and wellness."

Primary Research Methods

Quick Surveys




Sensory Cues Cultural Probe

Co-Creation Workshop

Stakeholder's Map

To understand the business and the services of CVS we created a Stakeholder’s map.

Focussed Ecosystem Map

Problem Background.jpg

Problem Statement

CVS Pharmacy faces declining customer satisfaction and loyalty due to outdated in-store experiences, lack of digital integration, and failure to meet the diverse healthcare needs of multiple generations, making it difficult to compete with rivals offering more personalized care.

Solutions Focussed Ecosystem Map

AI-enabled Workflow Scheduling:
AI-enabled scheduling of filling prescriptions based on load. AI analyses wait times and transfers load.

Subscription Medications:
Refills are made easier by pre-preparing the meds package before refills ordered.

CVS E-Commerce Platform
Transparency with in prescription tracking via CVS e-commerce platform similar to Amazon, working with current text messaging

In-store, Pick-up Priority lines
Convenience and Accessibility with in-store, pick-up priority lines only with options involving secured lockers, human, or robotic

Customer Preference of Scheduled Pick-up and Locations

Convenience and transparency with customer preference for scheduled pick-up locations with different wait times available on the platform. AI accesses workflow, then the customer chooses service


How are we making your pharmacy experience better?

Two Solutions

Mail Order

CVS Pharmacy AI-Enabled Platform

Enhanced Existing Text Messaging System

Nested with Enhanced e-Commerce Platform

Online Prototype

Scan Me

Please scan the QR Code to
Join us with the customer’s Journey

Customer’s Journey

Customer receives a text for refill

Customer is asked for a preferred time

Customer is asked for preference in pick up

AI gets to work

The AI Workflow Assistant finds the store around customer’s
location and calculates their wait times based on orders and trends.

Customer’s Journey> Confirmation

Customer gets confirmation

Customer gets another update

Customer receives progress updates

Customers notified for pickup

Customer’s Journey> Confirmation> Updates

Customer will drive for the pick up

Customer scans the barcode

Customer recieves the barcode

Customer receives the locker code

Customer’s Journey> Confirmation> Updates> Pickup

Customer heads to the
priority line

Completion of order is sent

Customer collects the

Feedback is asked

Future Service Blueprint

17th November 2023

Our Solution Motto

"The pharmacy experience should be enjoyable, with your well-being as the top priority. You should be able to trust that you'll get your medication on time, with full transparency and no hidden costs or worries."
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