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Image Source: Chatham ES

Chatham Emergency Services

Transforming Ambulance services from emergency care to community care services by educating and connecting the public directly with Paramedics/EMTs for medical advice.

Contributors:  Conrad. T . Kearns, Chatham ES & Staff, Rob Lawrence, Kate Elkins (NHTSA)

Class: SERV 748 | Professor Ricardo Martins

September 2023 - March 2024


Project Summary

Emergency medical services are plagued by long ambulance wait times for patients, unexpected and expensive medical bills, and financial struggles for private ambulance agencies due to inadequate reimbursement from insurance companies stemming from patients' lack of awareness about the fragmented healthcare system.

Medlife addresses these challenges by educating and informing patients about medical expenses and relevant facts, empowering them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, Medlife connects patients with paramedics and emergency medical technicians through virtual consultations, enabling them to receive medical advice without unnecessarily dispatching ambulances, thereby preventing non-emergent calls and providing a steady revenue stream for privately run ambulance agencies to support their operational viability. By fostering better patient education, facilitating virtual medical guidance, and generating revenue opportunities, Medlife unlocks value for both patients and ambulance agencies, paving the way for a more efficient, accessible, and sustainable emergency medical services ecosystem.


Emergency medical response and transport services for medical emergencies, injuries, and accidents.

Inter Facility Transport

Non-emergency medical transport services.

Fire Truck

Fire Emergency Services for rescue and emergency care.

Outreach Programs

Community education programs on topics like CPR, first aid, and injury prevention.

Chatham Emergency Services

Privately funded, Independent emergency medical services provider serving Chatham County, North Carolina. They offer pre-hospital emergency medical care and transport services to the residents of Chatham County

Services Offered

Chatham ES is a Large Agency

18 Stations


~ 400 Personals


~200 Call/day


In a 911 Emergency

There are three key phases in this Journey:

  1. 911 Call

  2. Ambulance Arrival

  3. Emergency Room Treatment

  4. Recovery and Discharge

  5. Payment

From the back-end

Service Blueprint of Chatham EMS

14th March 2024


Ambulance services are expected to function in isolation until a patient calls 911.

Ambulance services need to be inter-operable within EMS because they EMS is fragmented system.

Patients trust familiar urgent care services from their neighborhood because it is consistent in quality and cost.

Patients make their medical decisions based their insurance to get the most value of insurance.

Patients don’t see the value in services provided by the ambulance agencies.

Ambulance services are designed not to be viable & profitable business.

  • Secondary Research


    Contextual &
    In-depth Interviews




Process Chatham ES.jpg

Zoom Out

Current Ecosystem Map

14th March 2024

Problem Statement

Private EMS/Ambulance agencies all across US are shutting down due to insufficient funding and shortage of staff, creating
ambulance deserts which leads to longer wait times.

Pain Points

Shortage of Staff such EMTs, Paramedics etc.

Insufficient Funding to run Emergency Services.

Complex working situations making it difficult to operate.

Insurance only reimburse Chatham EMS partially.

Root Causes

Root Causes

Patient Awareness

Alternate Source of Reveue

Lack of trust with the Community


Chatham EMS has patient Outreach programs that can be improved upon to educate people about 911 emergencies.

Build Trust

Patients can get information for non-emergent situations and reduce the burden on ambulance and 911. This service can help build trust with the communities.

New Service

Patients complain that seeing an ER doctor is expensive and time-consuming. A new service to contact EMTs/Paramedics for medical advise can be possible.



MetLife is a platform used to access the services provided by Chatham ES and setup mode of communication outside of 911.


Chatham currently provides educational material as part of their Outreach program to educate the public at churches schools and communities about 911 emergencies.

Discovery of Medlife Service through Educational Material

Dispatch Codes


Patient Calls

Patient Calls

Patient Information

New Service

On the other side of the platform, Paramedics will also have an app for them to communicate with patients while they are active on their job.

Build Trust

Once the people of Chatham are introduced to MedLife they will be on-boarded to the platform to avail of the services.

Information & Help




App Download

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Request Assistance

New Journey Map

Change in Roles

New Ecosystem Map

14th March 2024

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