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Professional Summary

With a passion for connecting people through thoughtful design, I leverage my rich experience in product design, systems thinking, and service design to create innovative yet seamless solutions to complex societal challenges. I am driven by my desire to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives, through human-centered services that bridge gaps and foster mutual understanding between all stakeholders. As a continuous learner committed to advancing the field of service design, I hope to not only create positive change through impactful projects but also inspire future generations on this purposeful path.

Professional Experience
  • At Mayo Clinic SCAD Sponsored project, Jacksonville, FL

    • Conducted market research to find opportunities to Ideate new solutions.

    • Created a patient journey map to highlight patients’ and nurses’ pain points to filter areas of interventions.

    • Conceptualized service-based and sensory-based concepts for preventive measures.

    • Compiled the entire project process and research into a Process Book.

  • At Deloitte Digital Frontier SCAD Sponsored project

    • Led research for the team on the current trends in the healthcare system to improve healthcare workers’ ability to adapt to new technologies in the United States.

    • Converted Research findings to 3 categories of challenges to better ideate solutions.

    • Fact checked all the materials for Deloitte to accurately represent data.

    • Researched and compiled a Production Book containing guidelines and instructions for the production team/ agency to produce the video.

  • At Unthinkable Solutions Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, India

    Education App for Medical Students studying in NYU:

    • Redesigned the mobile app UI to create a brand language, brand style, and information architecture to enhance competitiveness and differentiation for clients through strong user focus for NYU medical students within 1 month and improving learning outcomes.

    • Enhanced market reputation for user-centered design and effective implementation.

    EHR for a clinic in the USA:

    • Drove innovation pace through market research rapid conceptualizing and prototyping of 200 screens and new capabilities and prototyped 200 screens within four months.

    • Improved the user experience for all stakeholders, for doctors and medical staff dashboards and patient profiles, and an onboarding website, boosting workplace productivity.

    UK Based Healthcare Insurance app for corporate employees:

    • Researched and pitched value-adding services; diversified offerings and revenue streams to the client.

    • Made improvements in the website, admin backend panel, and employee-facing app to improve compatibility with clinical healthcare services within 2 months, which led to free telemedicine services provided by the clients to be valuable for the employees.

    • Expanded client base into new segments for employees increasing healthcare, finance, and accessibility. Furthermore, transformed products and platforms; and improved quality, satisfaction, and business KPIs.

    Data Analytics and AI portal for enterprises:

    • Conducted/led requirement elicitation/gathering sessions and learned the skill of writing user stories on the job while communicating and coordinating with a team of developers within 3 weeks.

  • At Bharat Floorings & Tiles Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India

    Projects: Composite Cement Tiles | Research on Cement Materials | Cement stools | Executed Cement Lamps

    • Researched sustainable materials to replace cement.

    • Experimented with 4 different materials by combining them with cement to create strong, lighter wall tiles.

    • Created reusable molds for stationery products and furniture.

    • Casted 50+ cement product samples for an All India Exhibition to attract more business and improve my hands-on understanding of the process.

    • Maintain the workshop tools and manage raw materials inventory.


Master of Arts in Service Design

At Savannah College of Art and Design

Graduated September 2022 - Mar 2024

Undergraduate Diploma in Product Design

At Indian School of Design & Innovation Parsons(Now Atlas Skilltech University), India

Graduated July 2016 - May 2020

Bachelor of Arts in History

At Institute of Open & Distance Learning(IDOL) Mumbai University, Mumbai, India

Graduated July 2016 - May 2019


Design Research & Insight Translation

From Lextant

11th Jan 2023

Certified Usability Analyst

From Human Factors International

18th Jan 2021

Design Skills

Root Cause Analysis

Stakeholder Mapping

UX Design

User Research

Design Thinking

Customer Journey mapping

Usability Testing

Wire framing & Prototyping

UI Design

Service Blueprinting

Ecosystem Mapping

Contextual Interviews

2D Software Skills


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD


Axure RP


3D Software Skills



Fusion 360

Luxion Keyshot


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