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Transforming Ambulance Services in Chatham

Addressing challenges faced by Chatham Emergency Medical Services through an innovative solution, MedLife.

Innovating CVS Prescription Pickup Pharmacy Service

Reimagining the prescription pharmacy pickup experience through AI-enabled messaging, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Connecting Neurodiverse Talent

Created an inclusive professional networking and training platform connecting neurodiverse talent with supportive employers.

Streamlining Donations at Salvation Army

Introduced donation stalls with categorized bins in communities to improve donation efficiency for staff and donors.

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Hi, I am Sanath Desai

Service Designer | UI/UX Designer | Design Researcher

I am an aspiring service designer with experience in UI/UX design, user research, and prototyping. I am skilled at developing human-centered solutions through empathy, prototyping, and research-driven insights.

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